Andreea Medar

Detail from the work that Andreea Medar is currently preparing for the exhibition I feel something, don’t know what

Andreea Medar (b. 1990) is a Romanian visual artist. Trained as a painter, she is currently interested in objects and environments, sculpture, media installations and video. Her images rewrite her own personal imagery in an always surprising and paradoxically very direct alphabet which associates contrasting elements and constructs encrypted images not easily or fully open to the viewer. 

“Andreea Medar structures her works from the premises of a complete freedom, of both motivation and visual expression. Without restricting herself to a preferred medium, she allows for each theme to find its own imagery and visual alphabet. She explores in her objects, installations, spatial structures, sculptures – contrasting elements and visual identities: the barely perceptible, minimalistic intervention and the monumental volume distorting and dominating the surrounding space; the disarming openness, exposing the vulnerable, most intimate aspects of the personal history and the encryption of messages, impossible to read by the viewers; the random, unimportant detail, and the deep strata of cultural and historical reference. However there is no duality in her works. Their clarity, coherence and poignancy derive not from the juxtaposition of contrasts, but from an underlying unity, a very personal, subjective charge which connects with the audience on a very intense, emotional and direct level.“ (Mălina Ionescu)