During the residency period, ANTICAMERA duo (Gloria Luca and Tudor Pătraşcu) produced the Flag Down The Flag exhibition which critically addresses the ubiquity of the national emblem within the Romanian society and the (re)signification of the symbol on the year that marks the celebration of the Great Union Centenary. Flag Down The Flag interrogates the legitimacy of the hate speech, displaying in an inter-media setting the ”fascination” for social norms that belong to either a blamable or an imaginary past.

ANTICAMERA is a collaborative duo comprised of Gloria Luca (b. 1988) and Tudor Pătrașcu (b. 1979), active since 2014. They both live and work in Iaşi. Commonly understood as a waiting room at the entrance to a workroom/cabinet of a person in the public service, the Romanian term “anticamera” functions as a metaphor for the premeditation of a series of actions that problematize the flexibility of time and space from a conceptual perspective. Exhibitions (selection): Biennale Jeune Création Européenne – Biennale JCE (2019); KulturKontakt Austria, Artists in Residence, Vienna (2018); VOID. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot, apARTe Gallery, Iaşi (2017); AiR Programme, Kultur Österbotten and STUNDARS Museum, Solf (2015).

Flag Down the Flag exhibition, installation shot. Photo credit: Ana Kun