COMMON SPACE – Images, Stories, Voices

Artists: Lera Kelemen, Gloria Luca, Liliana Mercioiu Popa, Ilinca Pop & Simona Constantin, Smaranda Ursuleanu

8th December 2018 –  9th March 2019
Opening: 7th December 2018
Art Encounters Foundation, 46C Take Ionescu Bd., (ISHO House), Timișoara

COMMON SPACE – Images, Stories, Voices is a project initiated by the Polish curator Zofia Cielątkowska, who participated in the first curatorial residency hosted by the Art Encounters Foundation, between November – December 2018. The artists have been selected as a result of an open call for contributions made by Zofia Cielątkowska.

”The word “common” suggests something that is usual, simple, typical, that often goes unnoticed but at the same time connotes something that is collective and shared (in conscious or unconscious ways). The research, project, and exhibition COMMON SPACE – Images, Stories, Voices make space and time for (her)story, by showing various historical and contemporary materials related to Romanian women. The project makes possible observation and appreciation of women’s invisible work and of their daily activities. COMMON SPACE – Images, Stories, Voices is a pretext for a critical reflection on “femininity” and on the woman’s place in history and in the present times. The project has a processual character, a structure based on collaboration and openness, and is being developed by integrating the public’s contribution and ideas.”

Graphic design: Synopsis Media
Wall text: Techside