Lucia Ghegu

Lucia Ghegu, Hugging device

After engineering, graphic arts and product design studies, Lucia Ghegu (b. 1990) earned a research scholarship at Accademia di Romania in Rome (2018-2020), during which she developed an artistic project on the impact of post-communist migration of Romanians living in Italy. In her recent works that include large-scale drawings, light installations and objects on the border between sculpture and product design, she is interested in architectural space, mobility understood as fluidity, migration, community, identity, constant tension between expectations and reality, but also the poetics and aesthetics of the image. Lucia frequently chooses drawing as a solution against the hyper-technological trend, a quick and spontaneous note that mediates the transition from idea to object and documents the process.

Personal history often marks the starting point in her research, which develops in anthropological, social or architectural directions. Lucia Ghegu seeks the intersection points between personal and universal histories, aiming through to ask questions, to push towards direct experiences, and not to offer answers or categorical situations.