Oana Paula Vainer

Oana Paula Vainer graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest and the Arts and Design Academy in Stuttgart. In 2007 she stopped working with ceramics and started experimenting with performance, video and new ways of expressing herself, avoiding classic mediums. Now she uses her body and sometimes everyday elements as work materials. Oana’s practices interrogates social and personal realities and references social and political realities of the place she left and the place she lives in now. Exhibitions (selection): Nothing to declare, Strasbourg (2019, solo); Exposionszeichnung, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart (2019); The Kiss, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (2018, solo); Each River Has Its Own People, Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara (2018, solo); Flirt, Im Hinterzimmer, Karlsruhe (2016).

Each River Has Its Own People, the personal exhibition of Oana Paula Vainer, the artist in residence between May – July 2018 at the Art Encounters Foundation, proposes a performative laboratory where the public is invited to navigate different visual and relational paths proposed by the artist after exploring the city of Timișoara.