Paulina Pankiewicz

SCORE C,  2020, drawing, mixed technique on paper, 53 x 155 cm, part of a series of 6 works; photo credit: Tomasz Mazur

The oeuvre of Paulina Pankiewicz (b. 1980) includes performances, drawing, collage, illustration, video art, as well as site-specific projects. She mainly works alone,  but occasionally she also collaborates with architects, musicians and sportspeople. She often enters into dialogue with cities’ spatial structures, she watches and examines them and also draws her inspiration from nature. These two subjects are visible in her artistic work, where she explores them in relation to space, time, and motion. Paulina uses movement as a form of artistic practice through which she interacts with the environment. She researches and learns through practice, her body in motion being a tool for measuring, assimilating, determining and exploring space. Paulina studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and took her Phd from the Multimedia Communication University of Arts in Poznań, Poland. Selected exhibitions: Uncovered nerve, BWA Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland (2021); Being Paul Cézanne, Zachęta National Gallery of Art – Zachęta Project Room, Warsaw, Poland (2020, solo); Iceland, The Factory Gallery, Djupavik, Iceland (2018).