Raluca Croitoru

The perfomances of Raluca Croitoru begin from “small, participative social actions we perform in everyday life”. Relevant to global economic-political systems, the actions represent forms of social choreography for the artist. During the biennial, Raluca Croitoru introduces a site-specific performance that strikes up a dialogue with the history of Urseni Water Manufacturing in Timișoara, dating from the beginning of last century, and is presently “deviated” and publicly rediscovered by contemporary heterotopias in the circular form of buildings and specific rules it imposes. Using the shadow and the sonority as binding agents between the past and present, the body and space, the individual and collective, the artist searches to draw nearer the multiple histories that coexist and symbolically “contaminate” the bodies of buildings and body of the actors.

Raluca Croitoru (b. 1989) holds a B.A. from UNARTE Bucharest and a Cum Laude M.F.A. degree from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Croitoru’s practice is embedded in the everyday and plays with the politics of representation, abstraction and embodiment in contemporary society. Her ongoing interest in systems of exchange, social choreographies and knowledge hierarchies finds its translation mainly through performances, videos and text. Exhibitions (selection): Time-Based Art Festival, Portland (2019); What’s left from my heart, SKÅNES KONSTFÖRENING, Malmö (2019). Her most recent work had been performed at the Art Encounters Biennial, Timișoara (2017) and 13 Biennial of Media Arts, Chile (2017).

To Cast a Shadow, performance, Urseni Waterwork. Photo credit: Art Encounters Foundation