Sorina Vazelina

Sorina Vazelina in her studio, next to the work that she is currently creating for the exhibition I feel something, don’t know what

Sorina Vazelina (b. 1986) is a sort of illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer. Over the past thirteen years she has been dabbling in a variety of techniques, ranging from vector graphics and collage, to etching and screen printing. She graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from the Faculty of Arts in Timișoara and received an MA in Graphic Arts from the Bucharest National University of Arts. Having collaborated with the likes of Esquire Magazine Romania, Vice, Scena9 and Decât o Revistă, Sorina has developed a distinct chameleonic approach to editorial illustration. She has been publishing her own booklets and zines for a while now, and alongside Primitiv Print’s screen printer Grigore, they have developed a collection of peculiar posters and trinkets. Their publications have won several awards during the Most Beautiful Books in Romania competition, and Old Farts, a collection of stories about aging from Romania, was showcased during Offprint London’s 2019 edition, through Centrala U.K., the publisher of the aforementioned comics booklet. Throughout the spring and summer of 2021 Sorina will collaborate with Da’DeCe Association on several projects dedicated to children and teenagers. The projects aim to promote and explore the local cultural landscape of the Fabric quarter and its history of guilds and craftsmen, as well as the manufacturers active in Bucharest around the Town Dwellers House.