ADRIAN NOTZ – curatorial talk

Art Encounters Foundation invites you to a meeting with ADRIAN NOTZ, the curator of the AE Biennial 2023, Thursday, starting at 19:00, at the Timișoara Centre for Projects.

Adrian Notz will be the curator of the central exhibitions and will bring a rejuvenating spirit to the next edition of the Biennial, which will take place between May 19th and July 16th 2023.

The 2023 edition of the Art Encounters Biennial will take place over eight weeks, being one of the main events of the Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture cultural program, supported by the City of Timișoara through the Centre for Projects. As part of the curatorial research and of the production of new artworks, with which the Biennial has already accustomed its public, the aim will be to meld art, science and technology, as natural answers to the current context within the city of Timișoara, vis-à-vis its ambitions to become an innovative technological hub and to outline a new avantgarde of artistic thought. Also, the aggression of the Ukraine war imposes an approach which must overcome polarizing attitudes and to develop a relevant, adequate and necessary model for a biennial.

The exhibitions will outline the positive role that art and culture can have faced with the realities of war, socio-economic tensions, and the instability caused by the pandemic. “A contemporary art biennial and the Timișoara – European Capital of Culture program can be a space for reflection and, simultaneously, a form of protest. Of course, the effects of art and culture are not immediate. However, art can be a medium not only for imagining, but also for trying to create a better reality and society.”, states curator Adrian Notz.

Adrian Notz (Switzerland) is an independent curator, currently working within the Artificial Intelligence Center at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, as well as at the Tichy Ocean Foundation. Between 2012 and 2019 he was the Director of Cabaret Voltaire, considered the birthplace of dadaism, and between 2010 and 2015 he held the function of director of the Department of Visual Arts at the St. Gallen School of Design.

Adrian Notz will offer more details about his professional path and about his proposal for the 2023 Art Encounters Biennial, Thursday, June 20th 2022, starting at 19:00, at the headquarters of the Centre for Projects in Timișoara, at Vasile Alecsandri Street, no. 1.

Organized starting in 2015, the Art Encounters Biennial has become a landmark event for Romanian contemporary art, due to the quality of exhibitions and invited curators, a success which is due to over 450 international, regional and Romanian artists which have participated, but also to extending partnerships and collaborations which the Art Encounters Foundation has established in its 7 years of activity.

The Art Encounters Biennial is an event situated on the threshold between an experimental art festival and a contemporary art biennial, centered around a curatorial research program which encourages dialogue with the local historical heritage and with the socio-cultural environment of the city of Timișoara. The mission of the Biennial is to become a meeting point for artists, communities, institutions, and ideas.