Art Encounters at the White Night of Art Galleries

The White Night of Galleries (NAG) will have a special edition this year, extended over the course of an entire weekend!

Between 2 – 4 October, the exhibition Harun Farocki – Reality Would Have to Begin can be visited until midnight.

The White Night of Galleries event was initiated in 2007, in Bucharest, by the Ephemair Association and developed in Romanian cities in partnership with local organizations. Art Encounters Foundation is the official partner of the event in Timișoara.

The White Night of the Art Galleries was the first nocturnal cultural event in Romania after the White Night of the Museums, and the first event in the country to draw the attention of the general public on contemporary art and young artists, proposing a complex and dynamic program, featuring a variety of art forms – painting, drawing, sculpture, graphics or new media, photography, video, performance, music, dance, theatre, design etc. The art map of Bucharest, generated each year by the White Night of the Art Galleries, has made visible the dynamic infrastructure of contemporary art venues in the city. Throughout the ten editions held until now, the White Night of the Art Galleries established a platform that promotes contemporary art and young Romanian artists by encouraging the contact between artists and galleries or other contemporary art spaces and by introducing the artists to an extended audience that has the opportunity to discover each year the art of its own generation. Since 2016, The White Night of the Art Galleries takes place in Timișoara and other ten cities: București, Arad, Baia Mare, Brașov, Cluj Napoca, Craiova, Iași, Sibiu and Târgu Mureș.

The events is organized in accordance with the sanitary measures and the regulations put in place for social distancing.