Csilla Bartus

Csilla Bartus, social_distancing, 2020

In times of crisis, we are forced to change the way we used to function and exist in the world. In that situation, what remains for us to do? 

We are frozen and become numb, like pigeons captured in this picture. A higher order regulates us, imposes certain laws about what we can and cannot do. These birds are also symbolic of persistence, harmony, well-being, and forgiveness but not freedom in this case.

Csilla Bartus (b. 1996) lives in Budapest and works both in Romania and Hungary. She is a visual artist, storyteller, and designer, and her portfolio includes drawings, graphic design, prints, texts, photography, audio-visual installations, and sculpture. 

The notions of time, space, ephemerality, language, and everyday life are the core elements of Bartus’s creative process.

She appreciates nature’s every aspect because she grew up surrounded by it in her childhood spent at the Transylvanian countryside, which meant that the main sources for her poetic – techno – (pseudo) scientific works were human nature and its behavior. She explores intimacy in the contexts of personal memories building up narratives to reveal, preserve, and create a dialogue. 

Recent exhibitions include: Polycopies (Paris, France), Galeria Posibilă (Bucharest, Romania), DH5 (Linz, Austria), Matca (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Aici-Acolo Pop up Gallery (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Visualia Festival (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Galeria Matei Corvin (Cluj-Napoca, Romania).