Masterclass with Lisl Ponger

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The Art Encounters Foundation would like to invite you to a special masterclass with renowned artist Lisl Ponger, organised in conjunction with the exhibition The Third Woman – Actionism, performance, and attitudes.

Lisl Ponger on the masterclass: “The lecture takes my last staged photograph (Dancing on Thin Ice) and the current work in progress (Masked Ball Diptych – Yellow Blues and Danse Macabre) as the starting point for describing my method of working. What I call associative research is based on lateral thinking and factual research. In contrast with linear thinking, lateral thinking encourages a movement from known ideas to new ones; it is intended to break routine patterns of thought or the status quo and is based on associative and non-deductive reasoning.

All my staged photographs start from a basic idea that requires analysis and verification by research (books, internet, search for objects, interaction with specialists). The shooting of these analog photographs could be compared to the making of a feature film, albeit reduced to a single day. Almost all the elements of a standard (Hollywood) film are employed: performers/actors, selected location, lighting, make-up, costume, props and catering.”

Lisl Ponger’s work concerns stereotypes, racism and the construction of the gaze. It is located at the interface between art, art history and ethnology in the mediums of photography, film, installation and text. She lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

This masterclass has been made possible through the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Administration of the National Cultural Fund, and Banca Transilvania.

The Third Woman is part of the “Art in Action” cultural project, which has been co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

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