Other Voices, Other Zooms

The Art Encounters Foundation and the Interart TRIADE Foundation invite you to an event to present the exhibition The Secret Wing, curated by Maria Rus Bojan and Bogdan Ghiu.

The presentation is the first episode of the series “Other voices, other zooms”, a programme dedicated to exploring the events that will be part of the Art Encounters Biennale 2021.

The exhibition Secret Wing is one of the invited components of the Art Encounters 2021 Biennial and will be organized by Interart TRIADE Foundation at the National Art Museum Timisoara.

The presentation event will take place exclusively online, in Romanian.
Special guests: Maria Rus Bojan and Bogdan Ghiu.
Moderators: Sorina Jecza and Diana Marincu.

The concept of the exhibition was summarized by the curators as follows:
“The exhibition Secret Wing proposes a non-historicist revisiting of contemporary visual arts from the perspective of the 1980s and poetry. The 1980s of the 20th century are significant because, being immediately prior to the reunification of the developed world through the implosion of the communist regime in Eastern Europe and the fall of the Berlin Wall, they produced, both in the West and in the East, resources of great aesthetic and moral concentration and intensity. Today, when neoliberal globalisation itself becomes captivity and begins to implode, and new closures and regressions begin to threaten the world, untold inner and collective resources can be drawn from this veritable arsenal and historical unconscious, from this “secret wing” produced through historical oblivion and sedimentation, by the productivist acceleration of contemporary art itself.

The Secret Wing takes the title of a defining volume of verses by one of the emblematic authors of the 80s Generation in Romania, the poet Mariana Marin (1956-2003), a colleague of Mircea Cărtărescu and Bogdan Ghiu, in which she proposed, for understanding and moral resistance against totalitarianism, a political-existential identification with Anne Frank, the ‘secret wing’ designating an inner architecture through which our historical self discovers the profound resources that art history, in resonance with common history, produces and places at our disposal.

The exhibition Secret Wing is a revisiting, under the sign of metaphor, as epistemology, of contemporary artistic practices in which liberating language games become a paradigm of transversal knowledge of time leaping and ethical transposition.”

Articulated as a collaboration between two leading intellectuals, the renowned opto-eclectic poet, essayist and philosopher Bogdan Ghiu and Maria Rus Bojan, an international curator of Romanian origin from Amsterdam, the exhibition will feature a selection of works by prestigious international and Romanian artists with historical resonance in terms of the postmodern paradigm. The list of artists will be confirmed in the coming period.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be adjacent events dedicated to contemporary poetry, readings, meetings and discussions on the symbiotic relationship between poetry and contemporary art.

The exhibition will be co-organised by the Art Encounters Foundation and will be supported by the European ArtEast London Foundation and the National Cultural Fund Administration – AFCN.