Tur ghidat cu Gavril Pop: IF A STORY IS PRESENT

We invite you to discover the universe of the artist from the exhibition IF A STORY IS PRESENT by partaking in the first guided tour of this exhibition, alongside Gavril Pop.

Location: Art Encounters Foundation, 46C Take Ionescu Boulevard, Timișoara

Participation is free of charge.

To sign up, please fill in the attached form by Saturday, May 30th, at 11:00


For precaution’s sake, in the context of the current uptick in cases of COVID-19, and given that guided tours take place in an enclosed space, groups will be limited to 15 participants and wearing a mask is recommended.

Art Encounters Foundation presents IF A STORY IS PRESENT, the first exhibition in Romania dedicated to internationally renowned Macedonian artists Yane Calovski and Hristina Ivanoska, who live and work in Skopje and Berlin.

If a story is present is curated by Diana Marincu and it includes a selection of recent works, both individual and collaborative, as well as a newly produced collective installation with a group of young and emerging artists based in Timișoara, participating in the mentorship organized between May and July this year: Loredana Ilie, Andreea Ioniță, Ana Kun, Bogdan Matei, Teo Papadopol, Gavril Pop, Ioana Terheș, and Mihai Toth.

IF A STORY IS PRESENT is built around a nucleus of works developed over the last five years concerning the Open Form theory, one of the most experimental approaches to art and architecture conceived by Polish architect Oskar Hansen. Flexibility, collective participation, the activation of a “perceptive background,” and individual expression are a few of the elements of the conceptual and pedagogical guidelines that he put forward. Calovski and Ivanoska take these theoretical principles further and, through visual and text-based exercises, focus on society’s invisible structure and propose an extension of the institutional and artistic framework towards a view of the city and individuals as various elements in a composition. This view can create an elastic, non-hierarchical territory offering several conceptual directions for the exhibition by exploring concepts of decentralization of ideas through formal and chromatic typographical language.

On one hand, the exhibition presents works that approach manual labour and the forms of comprehending, interpreting, and representing processes of narration. However, the narrative strategies are activated within the politics of memory and oblivion, fragmented histories, and fictional, imaginary spaces.

Artists: Hristina Ivanoska, Yane Calovski, Loredana Ilie, Andreea Ioniță, Ana Kun, Bogdan Matei, Teo Papadopol, Gavril Pop, Ioana Terheș and Mihai Toth

Organiser: Art Encounters Foundation

Financer: The Administration of the National Cultural Fund, the City of Timișoara Centre for Projects

Sponsors: ISHO, Thesaurus, Illy

Media partners: TVR Timișoara, Radio Romania Cultural, RFI Romania, Observator Cultural, Zeppelin, Modernism, ARTA Magazine, The Institute, Propagarta, StudentFest

Graphic design: Karina Isar

This project is part of the Timișoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture Programme and is financed by the Timișoara Municipality through the City of Timișoara Centre for Projects.

This exhibition is part of ART-UP, a cultural project that has been co-financed by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The project does not necessarily represent the position of The Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or for the way in which the project’s results can be used. These aspects fall wholly under the responsibility of the grant beneficiary.